PTF’s Know Their Columns

Continuing with Polymorphic Tabe Functions (PTF’s) this post delves further into the DESCRIBE function – specifically the table, package and function involved and the columns of the passed in object. I’ll let the code to the talking… CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY poly_pkg AS FUNCTION describe (p_tbl IN OUT DBMS_TF.TABLE_T ) RETURN DBMS_TF.DESCRIBE_T AS BEGIN … Read more

Polymorphic Table Functions – Introduction

Polymorphic Table Functions (PTF’s) work with input that is not predefined and provide output that is not predefined. Thus they are very flexible. I encourage you to Google the phrase “Oracle Polymorphic Table Functions” to find information on this feature introduced in Oracle 18c. in this series of posts I’ll work through some examples of … Read more