Oracle Prequel

April 1, 2018

Oracle Spokesperson April Fulz released the following brief statement today:

The Oracle database has undergone many changes to it’s release numbering scheme over the years that caused an undue amount of confusion. To alleviate the confusion we have decided to go right back to the beginning with Release 1.0.

You may know that we skipped release 1.0 in the early days for fear that nobody would trust the 1.0 release of any software. This was just the first rule of our release numbering scheme. Other highlights include:

  • Using incremental whole numbers for each release to denote forward movement and added features
  • Offset the intimidation of whole number increments by including decimal points
  • Append decrimental lowercase letters (i, g, c) to further offset the perceived complexity (thankfully industry trends such as Internet [i] and Cloud [c] arose to make the chosen letters more relevant)
  • The years between 13 and 17 were awkward for a lot of us so we planned to skip those release numbers and go directly to 18 (thankfully the year 2018 arrived just in time for this)
  • Just like the great movie franchises we always planned a prequel release of our flagship Database that we are now proudly branding Oracle RDBMS 1.0

More information will be made available closer to the final release of…the first release.