SODA – More Than Just A Table

This post begins investigating what goes on behind the scenes to implement a SODA collection in Oracle. Lets dive right in and create a SODA collection named CLCT and put a JSON document in it using the DBMS_SODA PLSQL package. DECLARE v soda_collection_t; d soda_document_t; t NUMBER; BEGIN v := DBMS_SODA.CREATE_COLLECTION (‘CLCT’); d := SODA_DOCUMENT_T( … Read more

No Implicit Commits

Committing a transaction means the transaction cannot be rolled back. There are two types of commits: Explicit – when the COMMIT command is executed Implicit – when DDL (Data Definition Language) is executed DDL includes SQL such as CREATE TABLE. When DDL is executed all un-committed work in the current session is implicitly committed. The … Read more

Go For Soda

Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) comes to PL/SQL! Being Canadian and being in a certain age group I have been patiently waiting for SODA in PLSQL. Two reasons: Its fun to learn new things I get to use the iconic Go For Soda song from Canadian musician Kim Mitchell in a post! And a 1…and … Read more