2021 – Large Data Structure Changes

Previous posts comparing JSON and RDBMS structure changes used a simple example adding RDBMS date columns or JSON keys. Now its time for something more challenging:

  • Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI)
    • All Patients must be given a new master identifier encompassing one or more patient records and their associated Medical Record Numbers (MRN’s)
    • If the EMPI has not been assigned externally then the database must provide a unique number as a placeholder
  • Patient Merges
    • Patients EMPI’s can be merged in pairs with a single set of Operating System (OS) and MRN values surviving
    • The non-survivor records including EMPI must be retained but flagged as obsolete

The implementation is to proceed as follows:

  • The database will generate unique EMPI numbers for all existing patient records
  • After that the upstream systems will tell us what the EMPI numbers will be
  • Upstream systems will tell us which EMPI numbers to merge and which EMPI numbers should survive

In the next post I’ll explain begin explaining what this looks like in RDBMS land. Then after that I’ll work through the JSON version.

Thanks for reading!


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