2021 – First Data Structures

Project 2021 requires 2 different types of database structures. Relational (RDBMS) Tables with rows of columns and integrity checks JSON All data stored in a single column with embedded KEY:VALUE pairs RDBMS Structure And Data Here is the SQL to create and populate the RDBMS structure. CREATE TABLE patient ( patient_id NUMBER NOT NULL PRIMARY … Read more

2021 – Table Of Contents

2021 Intro (Published) Here 2021 TOC (Published) Here 2021 First Data Structures Here 2021 Compare Data 1 Here 2021 Compare Data 2 Here 2021 RDBMS API Here 2021 JSON API Here 2021 SQL Injection and the API Inserts Here 2021 Parameter Datatype Checks Here 2021 JSON Path Expression Injection Here 2021 JSON Path Expressions And … Read more

2021 – JSON/Relational and SQL/PLSQL

Welcome to 2021 – the year of adaptability! That’s the concept for this years project. Specifically the adaptability of two database design models – relational and JSON – and two programming languages – SQL and PLSQL. This project will work through the life cycle of a database system as it adapts to new requirements. There … Read more