2021 – Cleaning Up Bad JSON Data

After a few weeks using our JSON patient management system the users have noticed patients with more than one MRN in a single Ordering System. This should not have been allowed to happen. We’ll put something in place later to prevent future occurrences. For this post we will look at the cleanup. Here’s an example … Read more

2021 – Cleaning Up Bad RDBMS Data

This post compares the coding approach to fixing bad data in an RDBMS and JSON system. First up is the RDBMS version… After using our patient management system for a few weeks the users started noticing patients with multiple MRN’s in a single Ordering System. This is happening because we forgot to add a unique … Read more

2021 – Add Entry To Child Table

This post explains how a child record is added for a parent record. These terms (parent and child record) are part of the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) nomenclature. The fully expanded description would be: Create a new record in a child table that is related to the parent table via a Foreign Key (FK) … Read more