Transaction Backout Does Not Do JSON Part 2

I did some digging on this issue and found the problem was caused when Transaction Backout executed the following statement which failed: SQL> INSERT INTO json 2 VALUES(EMPTY_CLOB()); INSERT INTO json * ERROR at line 1: ORA-02290: check constraint (DRH.KEEP_IT_REAL) violated At this point I wondered where the EMPTY_CLOB insert was coming from so I … Read more

Transaction Backout Does Not Do JSON

I was testing transaction backout with non-scalar datatypes. And since I’m doing JSON research I decided to try JSON columns. I discovered that transaction backout does not work with JSON. Not sure just why yet. Here is the test code I used. SQL> CREATE TABLE JSON 2 ( always_json CLOB 3 CONSTRAINT keep_it_real 4* CHECK … Read more

Bringing JSON To The Table

As a long tine use of Relational Databases I live by the rule that data must be stored in and retrieved from table. And those tables must have columns. But JSON plays by it’s own rules by allowing random attribute-value pairs with no consistency enforced. But the latest version of my most used database, Oracle … Read more