Oracle Prequel

April 1, 2018 Oracle Spokesperson April Fulz released the following brief statement today: The Oracle database has undergone many changes to it’s release numbering scheme over the years that caused an undue amount of confusion. To alleviate the confusion we have decided to go right back to the beginning with Release 1.0. You may know … Read more

JSON Index Relies On Left Side Of Criteria

This post further explains how JSON queries and indexes interact with the Oracle optimizer. The code shown below relies on the indexes created in the previous post here. Here’s a quick summary of the indexes: JSON_4 JSON_VALUE(“JSON_COL” FORMAT JSON , ‘$.col’ RETURNING VARCHAR2(4)… JSON_5 JSON_VALUE(“JSON_COL” FORMAT JSON , ‘$.col’ RETURNING VARCHAR2(5).. JSON_6 JSON_VALUE(“JSON_COL” FORMAT JSON … Read more

Explicit Cursors For Better Program Control

Arrgh! I just spent several days working through a bug in a large (1000+ line) unfamiliar package that was raising unexpected NO DATA FOUND errors. After working through several calls to the procedure and monitoring the results I isolated the problem to code very similar to the following. CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE abc AS v_a … Read more