2021 – A Better Uniqueness Function

Iudith Mentzel noticed a problem in my OS_LIST_UNIQUE function. It relied on the Ordering System (OS) number being incremental. For example [3,2,1] would not be considered a unique list. The problem lay in the following steps: Load the passed JSON Array into a table 1 Loop through table 1 sequentially to load unique values into … Read more

2021 – Virtual Column Invisibility, Errors and Indexes

This post covers continues with the Virtual Column discussion including making them invisible, handling errors in the underlying function and creating indexes on them. Invisibility First up is invisibility. Virtual columns are treated as just another column in Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements. For example and INSERT statement like the one below assumes that all … Read more

2021 – Performance Comparison Part 1

Oracle offers like JSON_TABLE and JSON_VALUE to translate JSON keys and values into RDBMS rows and columns. But there is no fair way to compare the performance of those functions with home grown code because its not possible to see the inner workings and influences of the built in functions. Thus an apples-to-apples comparison is … Read more

2021 – Cleaning Up Bad JSON Data

After a few weeks using our JSON patient management system the users have noticed patients with more than one MRN in a single Ordering System. This should not have been allowed to happen. We’ll put something in place later to prevent future occurrences. For this post we will look at the cleanup. Here’s an example … Read more

2021 – Cleaning Up Bad RDBMS Data

This post compares the coding approach to fixing bad data in an RDBMS and JSON system. First up is the RDBMS version… After using our patient management system for a few weeks the users started noticing patients with multiple MRN’s in a single Ordering System. This is happening because we forgot to add a unique … Read more